libwebsocket is an implementation of the websocket 13 standard with an easy and convenient C API.


So far no releases have been made, but the git repository can be found here


TODO: Write some examples (the half-finished one below is for a client, but there is a server handshake too)
// Initiate a websocket context with an already connected socket,
// enable TLS, but don't use a certificate or key for the client.
websock_conn* ws=websock_new(connectedsocket, TRUE, NULL, NULL);

// Perform a websocket handshake with a path, hostname, list of
// supported protocols, origin, but no custom cookies.
if(!websock_handshake_client(ws, "/path", "example.com",
  "protocol1,protocol2", "https://origin.example.com", NULL))
  printf("Websocket handshake failed\n"); return -1;


libwebsocket is free software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.